Frequently asked questions

Do I need a visa to enter the Republic of China?
Yes, German citizens, citizens of other EU states and citizens of most foreign countries require a visa, which they must obtain prior to travelling to China.
Which documents do I need to apply for a Chinese visa?
To apply for a Chinese tourist visa you need the following documents:
  • A duly completed application form with a passport photo
  • A proof of your flight reservation (copy of ticket, copy of the online booking confirmation)
  • A proof of your hotel bookings covering each day of your stay in China
  • Your passport (note: your passport needs to be valid at least 6 additional months, counting from the date of entry to China)
How do I pay for your services?
In our order form you can choose a method of payment. After we received your documents you get an invoice from us via email.
How long is the visa processing time?
Processing time ist 8 working days. Shipping via TNT or DHL Express normally takes one working day.
What happens if the visa is not issued in time?
Of course we are liable, if the visa is not issued in time due to our neglect or if the visa has not reached you in due time. However, we are not liable for any delay caused by the Chinese Consulate. The visa will be shipped at your own risk. If you do not wish your visa to be send, you can collect your documents at our office during our business hours.
What are the regulations regarding the validity of the passport?
To apply for a Chinese visa your passport has to be valid at least six months from the date of entry into China.
I am not a German citizen. Can you still assist me with my application?
Yes, but additional paperwork is needed. If you are a citizen of another EU country we will need a copy of your registration card (not older then 6 months). If you are not a citizen of any of the other EU countries, you will need to have a residence permit for Germany. The Consulate will charge additional fees for non-German applicants depending on their citizenship. Please email or phone us for further information.
Do I need a HIV test?
If you plan to stay in China for more than six months you will be required to present a negative HIV-test.
I would like to go to China on business. Can I still travel on a tourist visa?
If you only want to hold talks a tourist visa is sufficient. But you won't be allowed to carry any commercial samples or valuable equipment with you and of course you are not allowed to work officially. To apply for a business visa you will need an invitation issued by the appropriate government department, provincial government or authorised Chinese company.
I would like to work in China. Do I have to follow any special regulations?
You need an employment permit from the ministry for work and a social security number from the PR of China. Another option is to gain access to a so called 'expert ID card', which is issued by the department for foreign expertise. Additionally you will need an official invitation written on formal paper and issued by the department for foreign trade.
I would like to do an internship in China. Do I have to follow special regulations?
You need a contract with a legalised company in China and an official invitation written on an official paper from the foreign office.
How long is a visa valid for China?
For the time being the Chinese embassy only issues visas, which are valid for two month. You can only stay in China for up to 30 days during the indicated period of two month. Businessman can apply for a visa with a validity of either 6 or even 12 month. However, they will be asked to produce an official invitation issued in China.
How often can one enter the country with the visa?
You can obtain a single, double or multiple entry visas. Please indicate in your application, which type you need.
Can I visit a private person in China?
Yes, you can apply for a private visa. We need your passport, a duly completed application form with a passport photo and a private invation and copies of the passport of the person living in China. Please note, that your name, birthday and passport number must be written on the invitation. A copy will do.